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Keep the plate just underneath the edge of your canvas; this will make it simpler to get to

Tenderly press the precious stone against the relating square. Force the pen away; the precious stone ought to be stuck against the canvas. On the off chance that you are simply beginning, it may be a smart thought to press softly from the outset. Along these lines, if the precious stone is off-set, you can poke it over into spot, at that point press down on it to verify it.

This is actually similar to painting by number, then again, actually you are utilizing precious stones

Fill the remainder of the framing a diamond painting in that segment. Work one shading at any given moment and refill the pen with gel as required. When you get done with filling in every one of the squares with a similar number code, move onto the following shading. This will enable you to work quicker and stay organized.Avoid leaning your hand against the canvas; the more you contact the sticky surface, the less cheap it will turn into.

Strip away a greater amount of the plastic covering, and fill in more squares. Keep filling the canvas in utilizing a similar procedure as in the past. Work in 1 to 2-inch (2.54 to 5.08-centimeter) wide segments, one shading at any given moment. When you totally fill in an area, move onto the following one.

Try not to strip the whole plastic covering ceaselessly, or the cement on the canvas will get messy and lose its tack

Spread the canvas with the plastic sheet that it accompanied. In the event that you disposed of the sheet, you can cover it with a bit of paper or material paper; abstain from utilizing wax paper.

Go over the canvas with a moving pin. This will press down any free precious stones and secure them.If you don’t have a moving pin, you can utilize a can or container. You can likewise tenderly rub the canvas with your hands.

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